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Speak & Spell Emulator - Time Waster

Ah, nostalgia! Every once in a while, I get wistful about the toys that were popular when I was a kid. Thanks to the magic of the web, I don't even have to buy them on eBay to see them again.

Check out Kevin St. Onge's fully-playable Speak & Spell emulator, and take a trip back in time. This thing works exactly as you remember it.

This particular emulator has been around since 2006, but seems to have experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past month or so. I dug through the DLS archives and saw that there used to be another one online, circa 1995. It's since been taken down, so I thought I'd share Kevin's version.

You can play the classic spelling and word-guessing games, but you can't circuit-bend this virtual Speak & Spell, or whack it to make it talk in creepy nonsense words. You'll have to track down a real one for that.

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