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Google begins work on Chrome 2.0

Google Chrome may have shed it's original beta tag last month, but they're far too fond of the beta label to keep it on ice for long.

Yes, work has begun on Chrome 2.0. Numerous changes have already been made, including the addition of basic form autocompletion like Firefox and IE, full page zooming, and autoscrolling. Browser profiles have been added and can be accessed through the wrench menu.

Though there's still no Google toolbar, you can at least import your current Google bookmarks. You won't be able to synch them just yet either. Google has also updated the speedy V8 javascript engine and added their own implementation of the HTTP protocol - a step they say was needed to standardize code for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you're interested in running the Dev Channel builds, you'll need to download and run the Chrome Channel Changer from Google. Before switching to beta or dev, you may want to back up your profile.

edit: as mentioned in the first comment, you can also test it by downloading the portable version from this site. It's German, so search for download portable on the page. Thanks, caschy!

[ via Google OS ]

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