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iDeaS Nintendo DS emulator updated, works well

My four year old son (not me, of course) can't get enough of the monochrome greatness that is our collection of old Gameboy cartridges. The Gameboy, however, has taken a dirt nap and he's had to learn to play them in VirtualBoy on my laptop.

What about newer games? What if your DS happened to get crushed under a truck tire and you were left with a pile of games you couldn't play?

The iDeaS emulator's latest version would be one solution. With the release of v1.0.2.8 frame rates have improved greatly and several bugs have been fixed that make the emu extremely usable.

Of the half dozen roms I tested (all of which I own, of course), I didn't note any major issues. There were a few cutscenes that didn't render fully and some momentary choppiness, but nothing that made the games unplayable.

iDeaS worked nicely on both my systems, one running Vista Home Premium and the other with Ultimate x64.

It's a free download for Windows and should, of course, be used to play only roms of games that you own - not ones that you download from, say, Pirate Bay.

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