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Flycast upgrades mobile streaming media app, adds Android support

Flycast has announced major upgrades to their mobile media streaming application. T-Mobile users will be excited to learn that it's now available for the G1 Android handset. The desktop application (built on the Adobe Air platform) has also been enhanced.

Flycast now features 1,000 channels and 300 additional "personalized" channels. For a full listing, check the Flycast guide. A new partnership with AccuWeather brings enhanced weather reports, and you can now log in using your Facebook credentials if you don't want to sign up for a Flycast account.

"Streamshifting" has also been added, a feature which allows users to tune in to a full broadcast at any point - ensuring that you don't miss any of the good parts.

I was particularly thrilled to find out that, yes, the Flycast service works in Canada. With all the content available, George Carlin would probably say "It's bad for ya."

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