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YackTrack shows you all the places people are commenting

First, there were blog comments. But then there were Twitter, FriendFeed, Disqus, Google BlogSearch, and a host of other ways people could attach feedback to a particular URL. YackTrack is a service that aims to help you see all of these different types of comments in the same place. Just enter a URL, and it will return every comment on that URL that it can find across multiple services.

YackTrack is just getting started, so new features are rolling out quickly. There's already a bookmarklet you can use to avoid unnecessary copying and pasting, and a FeedFlare you can use to track a given URL. On top of that, YackTrack features a "chatter" search, so you can see what people around the web are saying about any given search term. I tested it out with my name, and it looks like a fantastic ego-surfing tool. It's probably even more useful if you're in customer relations and want to track what people are saying about your product and service. You can even subscribe to the search results as an RSS feed.

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