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Phishing scam hits Twitter. Don't get sucked in!

Phishers are up to the same old tricks, with a new target: your Twitter password. Several Twitter users received a direct message today that included a Blogspot link purporting to be about "a funny blog about you!" They clicked on it and found themselves redirected to a spoofed Twitter login page that grabs passwords and may use your account to propagate the phishing messages to more users.

To be safe, don't click on suspicious links, even though they're coming from people you follow on Twitter, and don't compulsively enter your login info without checking to make sure you're actually on a domain. This scam is particularly tricky because of the nature of direct messages, which have to come from people you've allowed to contact you. The Twitter Eng and Ops teams are aware of the problem, according to a tweet from Twitter's Biz Stone, and a warning message has been added on the Twitter homepage.

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