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Internet Explorer share drops to an all-time low (again)

Despite some excitement generated by Windows 7, things aren't all rosy for Microsoft as they continue to lose ground in the browser market.

On December 1, NetApplications announced that Firefox had maintained more than a 20% share for the first time in history. Last month, Mozilla's browser crept over 21%. Now out of "beta," Google Chrome has broken the 1% barrier, and Apple made gains as well - thanks in part to strong holiday sales of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Interestingly enough, current economic conditions and holidays seem to be contributing factors. Layoffs and long weekends mean more people browsing at home, and more people browsing at home, apparently, means increased use of alternative browsers.

This isn't the only bad news for Microsoft lately on the browser front. Several bloggers (myself included) have reported stability problems with Internet Explorer 8 in the Windows 7 beta build.

With Internet Explorer numbers steadily on the decline and the fact that it keeps placing poorly in comparative testing, will it be able to maintain its hold on the enterprise?

[ via Alley Insider ]

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