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Weightbot: simple weight tracker for iPhone and iTouch

I love apps that make a very specific task as easy as it ought to be. That's why I love Weightbot, an iPhone/iPod Touch weight tracking app developed by Tapbots. I confess that I used to keep track of my weight in a Numbers document. It wasn't too much trouble, but I didn't look forward to it. With Weightbot, it's so easy that it's almost -- dare I say it? -- fun.

I snatched up Weightbot right away when I found out it was on sale for a buck during the holidays, and I was not disappointed. Its basic functions are pretty intuitive: move the slider to a date, click on the weight display, and set your weight. Other handy features: switch from pounds to metric, set a target weight, enter your height to get a BMI calculation, set a privacy code, and back up your data to a web account. The coolest feature by far is graph mode, though. It's a quick way to visually track your progress, and it includes your target weight and a trend line.

[via Daring Fireball]

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