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Firefox addon helps you organize your downloads automatically

Plenty of software exists to help us sort our files once they've been downloaded, but why not head 'em off at the pass and organize them while they're downloading?

Automatic Save Folder is a Firefox Extension that allows you to create rules for your downloads based on their filename or the host domain. Regular expressions are supported, so you can get as complex as you like with your rules.

I'm fine with using Firefox's built-in download manager, especially now that I've got ASF installed. So far it's doing a great job at helping me keep my downloads neatly organized. Taking a few moments to create rules means not having to use an application like Belvedere or Download Mover, and it's only an 80kb addon.

The developer's home page is in French, so run it through Translate if you're not fluent and want to know more about the addon. It's currently experimental, so you'll need to sign in to install it.

[ via Life Rocks 2.0 ]

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