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Does SPRANQ's Ecofont really use 20% less ink?

There are plenty of ways to green up your computing environment, from power saving apps like Edison to waste reducers like HP's Smart Web Printing.

What about your typeface of choice? Can an intelligently crafted font really reduce your ink usage by 20%? SPRANQ - a Utrecht-based communications firm - thinks it's possible. To that end, they've put a lot of time and effort into designing Ecofont.

The theory is simple: remove as much black area from a font without adversely impacting its readability.

Ecofont appears a little heavier than the fonts I typically print with, but zoomed to 600% in Photoshop the difference is quite obvious. Ecofont's holes should lighten your ink or toner consumption. Time will tell, and I'm certainly willing to give it a try.

Apart from the font itself, SPRANQ offers a few tips we can all put to good use: remember the environment when selecting your paper, and always try to use efficient printing equipment. I'll add one of my own: for everyday printing, use both sides of the paper if you can (just make sure your printer can handle duplexing first).

[ via Freeware World Team ]

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