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SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry coming Dec. 30

BlackBerry SlingPlayerIf you have a SlingBox and a BlackBerry, get ready because on December 30th you'll be able to download SlingPlayer Mobile in a free public beta. The public beta supports BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900, 8820, Curve 8320, Pearl Flip 8220 and Pearl 8120. Firmware must be version 4.5 or higher.

Some EDGE-only models will also work but due to slow video streaming and other versions it is not officially supported in the public beta. SlingPlayer Mobile is already available for PocketPC, Windows Smartphone,Palm OS and Symbian S60 and UIQ.

What does it all mean? You can carry a TV around in your pocket! The SlingBox set top box captures your home cable or satellite signal and allows you to watch it via the internet using the SlingPlayer software. I generally use mine while traveling - my parents don't have cable at all - so at their house I can snuggle up with my laptop and watch whatever is on at home.

I would think the BlackBerry would make for some tiny TV viewing, but it could certainly pass the time in airports and other places where you spend a lot of time waiting. And if you have one of those careers where you carry a BlackBerry because you need to know what is going on in the world, well, this would be the perfect way to be able to watch CNN and other news stations when you need information.

The public beta is free, beginning on December 30th. Other SlingPlayer Mobile players have a 30 day free trial before purchase is required. SlingPlayer Mobile is $29.99. You can expect the BlackBerry version to follow the same pattern after the initial public beta is over. You also need a SlingBox to make everything work and those start at $179.99.

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