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Joost kills internet video desktop client

Joost desktop client
Two months after launching a web-based version of its online video platform, Joost is turning off its desktop client.

Joost, which is the brainchild of some of the folks behind the Skype VoIP software, was originally launched to provide an alternate way for people to interact with internet video. After all, web browsers were built for reading text and looking at pictures, not for finding and enjoying video. So Joost was positioned as a video browser, not a web browser. But as YouTube, Hulu, and countless other sites have demonstrated, there are a lot of people who are perfectly happy to watch videos using a web browser. And as it turns out, there aren't so many who are interested in downloading and installing a separate application just to watch videos they can probably already watch in their web browser.

Effective December 19th, Joost users who have already installed the desktop client will no longer be able ot watch videos using the software. They'll have to go to the Joost web site instead.

It's kind of a shame, because I think the desktop software had a lot of promise. I just think it was aimed at the wrong market. Instead of focusing on providing a user experience for people sitting right in front of their computers, Joost could have focused on creating a quality web video experience for people sitting on their couch and watching through a computer or set top box connected to a TV set. Right now that torch is being carried by the makers of Boxee, XBMC, Zviewer, and other media center applications.

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