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Add a bookmark menu to Windows Explorer right-click menu

Shock BookmarkShock Bookmark is a utility that adds a bookmark menu to the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer. But you probably figured that out from the headline. So here's a little more information.

When you click the right mouse button in Windows Explorer or on your desktop you'll see a new Shock Bookmark menu. You can click the add/delete bookmark button to add or remove the current folder to your list of bookmarks. Or you can copy or move any folder or file to a folder that's already in your bookmarks with just a few clicks.

The program is free, but the download page is pretty busy. Just make sure to download the "Setup_ShockBookmark.exe" file and not one of the many other links on the page or you could find yourself in an endless loop. Not that that's what happened to me...

[via Shell Extension City]

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