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SoundOff turns off Windows system sounds

SoundOffSometimes you want to turn the sound off on your PC so you don't hear anything at all coming out of your speakers. And sometimes you just want to turn off some sounds, like the Windows systems beeps, clicks, and other bells, and whistles. The system volume button lets you do the former, while SoundOff lets you do the latter.

You can use the free Windows to make sure that you don't wind up listening to clicking noises and the loud honking sounds that accompany error messages when you're listening to music or making VoIP calls on your computer.

Sure, you can also adjust the Windows sound settings from the Control Panel, but SoundOff sits in your system tray and lets you toggle your audio settings with just a click or two which can save you a few seconds of time every day.

[via Lifehacker and Life Rocks 2.0]

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