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This week's guest blogger - Saul Colt

We meet a lot of interesting people in the course of running Download Squad; Developers, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives.


Far and away the best part of this job are the connections made and ideas shared with people on the bleeding edge of the web and software. Too often, we only get to share a tiny slice of those conversations and off-topic bits.

Starting today we're opening up Download Squad in a way we've never done before. Over the coming weeks we'll invite a few of those people, to which we've loved talking, to join us as guest bloggers on Download Squad.

This week's guest is one of my favorite goofball Twitter pundits. He's also "Head of Magic" at FreshBooks, a company which managed to bring the most boring task in the world -- accounts receivable -- to the web, and make it almost fun in the process.

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