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Save the Planet and Win: Environmental social network

Going green is more than just a trend, it's ultimately going to become the future. In order to improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions, we all need to band together. The problem for a lot of people (I know it's a problem for me) is that going green is often well, boring. Berkeley, California based Save the Planet and Win is hoping to change that, by bringing some fun to the serious subject of sustainability.

Save the Planet and Win, is a social network of sorts where you can track your carbon footprint, chart reductions you are making and participate and encourage others to do the same. It's kind of like Make Me Sustainable, a service we covered earlier this year that lets you track and share your carbon reductions and sustainability goals. Save the Planet and Win is a Voluntary Personal Carbon Registry (they say they are the first in the United States) and you can even buy verified carbon offsets from the Carbon Offset Store.

But Save the Planet and Win has a slight twist: you can "win" stuff just by participating. Basically in exchange for watching a 30 second green ad, the sponsor will make a credit to your account. Those credits can be used to purchase carbon offsets, dedicated to a social cause or you can cash the points out for actual dollars.

This is pretty interesting, and it kind of addresses an issue I personally think is essential for individual (and even more importantly, corporate) involvement in environmental sustainability: monetary incentives. If by watching an ad, learning how to help save energy or better reduce my footprint can end up helping a cause I care about or can help me purchase carbon offsets, I'm all for it.

You can sign up at Save the Planet and Win, it's free and the ultimate goal is really important.

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