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Notify me when it's up!

Download Squad has written before about the humorous-but-sometimes-useful site Down For Everyone or Just Me. It comes in handy if you need to figure out whether the problem is with a site, or if it's on your end. But if the site really is down, it's out of your control, and that's kind of frustrating. Instead of futilely hitting refresh, try Notify Me When It's Up. True to its name, it will send you an email when the site you specify comes back up.

I love these simple one-purpose sites. There's no clutter, no learning curve, and they just do what they say. You might argue that Notify Me When It's Up should be combined with Down For Everyone, but where will it all end? A comprehensive desktop app with stats displays, accounts and iPhone support? Ok, probably not. But in a complicated world, it's nice to find someone who just wants to notify you when it's up.

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