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Soundflavor gives you a ridiculous number of ways to find music

SoundflavorThere are plenty of ways to find music that meets your tastes on the internet., Pandora, and similar music discovery services will recommend new music for you based on the songs you like. YouTube is filled with music videos from popular and not so popular artists. And music search engines like SeeqPod make it easy to find songs and videos.

Now if you take all of those music discovery methods and roll them into a ball and add about half a dozen other ways to search for, browse, and find music, you'll have Soundflavor.

We first looked at Soundflavor two years ago, but the service has come a long way since then. Here are just a few of the things you can do with the web-based music discovery service:
  • Find and play YouTube videos from artists by searching.
  • Browse for music by genre, decade, mood, or subject matter of the lyrics.
  • Enter an artist or song name to generate a playlist of YouTube videos of similar songs.
  • Embed the Soundflavor Video Jukebox widget on your social networking profile or blog.
Because the music comes from YouTube you will occassionally get a clip of some kid sitting in his or her bedroom with an acoustic guitar, but for the most part the music recommendation engine is pretty good. And hey, some of those kids with guitars are halfway decent.

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