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AOL Tech shortens and tweets URLs, tracks stats, and more

There are a lot of god URL truncators out there, like Snipr,, and TinyURL. For a new service to stand out, it's got to bring something interesting to the table. does just that. Apart from offering URLs that are about as short as you're going to get (8 characters on my tests), they've added a couple interesting features.

For starters, will truncate your link and automatically update your Twitter or status. The service also tracks stats and allows commenting on your URLs. There is, of course, a bookmarklet and API access is provided for developers.

Creating an account allows you to store your history and gives you access to a number of useful preference settings. doesn't even require creating a new account to log in - just use your Twitter credentials.

You can choose to auto-copy new URLs to the clipboard, automatically trim and tweet, and save your Twitter and passwords. Another interesting feature is's retweet service, which automatically adds popular submissions to their Twitter feeds.

It's an excellent service, and may just be my new favorite truncator.

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