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Slife tracks application usage on Mac, and now Windows

Slife - a brilliant activity analysis program - has been available to Mac users for ages. For the past five months, however, their development team has been working almost exclusively on releasing a Windows version of the app.

At last, the waiting is over and PC users can get their hands on version 2.0.

What makes it worth a download? Install Slife, and it runs in the background, unobtrusively monitoring your application use. Create activity groups to track applications by purpose - for example, blogging, coding, or photo editing. Doing so allows you to keep tabs on time spent performing a single task with multiple programs.

Set goals for yourself, and see how you measure up with Slife's charts. You can view analysis by day, application, or group. It's a fantastic way for teleworkers (or anyone that uses a PC for business purposes) to keep tabs on where time is being spent.

There's also a team tracking service that enables group usage analysis. Your first 30 days are free (no credit card required), and it's $10 per team member after that.

Slife is a free download for both Mac and Windows.

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