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Windows 7 scheduled for a mid-2009 release

Windows 7
Microsoft has all but confirmed that the company is hoping to ship Windows 7 in time for next year's holiday season. In the past Microsoft has said the next generation Windows operating system would be available about three years after Windows Vista's January 2007 release. But CNET reports that a Microsoft official is confirming that things appear to be ahead of schedule.

The news came out of a presentation at WinHEC. And it's not a huge surprise. After all, an early build of Windows 7 is already in the hands of developers and a ton of folks who know how to use BitTorrent. The early build is still rough around the edges and lacks some of the features Microsoft hopes to ship in the final version. But initial reports indicate that it's more responsive than Windows Vista and has a number of improvements affecting startup, battery life, and general usability.

At least one computer maker has already said that it plans to release a laptop running Windows 7 as early as mid-2009. At the time, that sounded like optimisitc talk. Now it's starting to look a bit more realistic.

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