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Songbird 1.0 RC1 now available

Songbird 1.0 RC1
Open source, Mozilla-based media player Songbird is inching closer to version 1.0. This week the team behind the cross-platform application made the first release candidate of Songbird 1.0 available.

So what's new in the latest build? First up, Songbird 1.0 RC1 uses GStreamer to handle media playback whether you're running the Windows, Mac, or Linux version of the program. The Songbird team says that should mean better performance and reliability. The latest build also includes a number of performance enhancements, including the ability to import media into Songbird more than twice as fast as before.

Here are a few of the other changes/improvements in Songbird 1.0 RC1:
  • Users can also drag and drop images to add album art to a song.
  • Addition of new keyboard shortcuts
  • Smart Playlists can be used as rules within other Smart Playlists
  • Improved search speed
  • Faster startup times
  • Scrolling large libraries is more efficient
While this is a release candidate, which means it's a bit more stable than your typical beta software, there are still a number of known bugs and issues. You can read the complete list in the release notes.

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