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Windows 7's Superbar in action - is it made for multitouch?

As Adam reported earlier, the Superbar has been unlocked in Windows 7. Apart from adding even more visual pop to the improved Desktop Window Manager, it adds some long-absent functionality.

Apart from better visual task tips with smooth transition effects, it's fixed another minor annoyance. At last you can click and drag taskbar buttons to re-order them. I've always been a little irritated by the fact that I couldn't do that in previous Windows versions, and was glad to see the change.

Grouped application windows will preview as pictured: hover the button, and the thumbnails expand into view. Hover a thumbnail and the red x appears, allowing you to close (duh) the program.

To pin a program to the task bar, click the up arrow next to its button. Doing so on the folder button will also reveal frequently and recently accessed locations. Likewise, Internet Explorer's button will display recent pages from your browser's history.

If you've got two folder open and are copying a file, the taskbar button will light up and act as a progress indicator.

What I find interesting is that the same menu appears when you click a button and drag it up. It doesn't make much sense with a mouse, but it would be perfectly suited to a touch interface. The default icons also happen to be about the same size as an average fingertip, which could just be coincidence - but it's worth noting.

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