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Run 3.0 in your browser with Ulteo

Ulteo OOo
Want to check out 3.0 but don't want to download the 142MB installer just to see if you like it? No problem. You can run it in a web browser thanks to Ulteo.

Ulteo takes an interesting approach to online desktop and office suites. Unlike other online desktops that offer some storage space and a few simple, browser based apps, Ulteo offers access to a virtual Linux-based operating system complete with a desktop and full Linux apps like In other words, you get a lot more features from Ulteo than you do from Google Docs, Zoho Office, or EyeOS.

On the other hand, Ulteo relies on Java, takes a while to launch, and has a freemium model. You get 1GB of storage space for free, but sessions are limited to 25 minutes. If you want more storage space or more time per session, you have to pony up some cash for a subscription.

I first looked at Ulteo last year when the company began offering access to 2.3. While it's nice to see that Ulteo is continuing to develop its technology, some of my initial complaints still stand. It's a bit awkward to switch between program windows. And it takes too long to load. But if you're just looking for a way to check out 3.0 before you download it, Ulteo will let you do that. Or if you want to be able to access and your saved documents on any computer with a web browser and Java, Ulteo may be for you.

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