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ACCESS Linux Platform 3.0 released: Yes it's another mobile phone OS

ALP 3.0
You know how Palm hasn't released an updated version of PalmOS in a while? Yeah, they still haven't. But ACCESS, the company that used to be known as PalmSource yesterday announced that ACCESS Linux Platform 3.0 is ready to go. ALP is designed to be compatible with old PalmOS applications while offering new capabilities and security enhancements.

ALP could show up on future mobile phones and PDAs. But here's the rub - you might not find it on future Palm branded devices, because Palm is still working on its own operating system.

ACCESS Linux Platform will come in two flavors. ALP supports PalmOS Garnet apps and native Linux apps designed for LiMo devices. There's also a new ALP mini platform that's designed for "feature phones" instead of smartphones. ALP Mini won't support PalmOS apps and isn't LiMo capable, but it should be good enough for most phones that you use primarily to make calls, send text messges, and maybe do a little web surfing.

[via Palm InfoCenter]

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