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LastPass updates with form filler, releases pocket version

When I first wrote up LastPass, two of the big features it lacked that a lot of people were looking for were portability and the ability to remember form data. Their development crew has been hard at work ever since and have just released a new version of the add-on as well as LastPass Pocket.

If you're not familiar with it, it's a plugin for both IE and Firefox designed to securely keep your web logins securely synchronized across multiple computers. It's got a ton of great features like a secure password generator, single click login, onscreen keyboard (to thwart keyloggers), and secure password sharing (in case you need to give a friend access to an account).

I was happy enough being able to keep all my logins in sync on all my machines, but the form filler is definitely going to save me some headaches. To see it in action, check out the LastPass screencast.

Using the LastPass web interface, look under the actions column for the new "edit form fill profiles" option. The updated toolbar includes a menu item that will send you directly to the editor. Fill in the form, click add, and watch as LastPass encrypts your data before saving. If you're a Roboform or Sxipper user, it'll even import your data from those apps.

Pocket is designed to provide you with access to your passwords on any computer. It's a handy way to access your passwords securely on a public computer without having access to the LastPass toolbar.

Two more great features make an already great application even better. I strongly recommend giving LastPass a shot if you haven't already. If you've got questions about it, check out the FAQ, or post them here in our comments.

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