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Will Microsoft add an "Instant On" feature for Windows

Instant On
It's nice to have a computer capable of running software ranging from Photoshop CS4 to Doom 3. But sometimes all you really want your PC to do is run a web browser, chat application, or media browser. And do you really need to wait 30 seconds to 2 minutes for your whole operating system to boot up just for that?


Companies like Splashtop have already developed software that lets you boot up a stripped down, Linux-based operating system that will let you launch a handful of applications just a few seconds after hitting the power button, without waiting for Windows, Ubuntu, or whatever full OS you're using to boot up. Now it looks like Microsoft could be working on something similar. Or at least considering it.

Engadget reports that Microsoft is sending out surveys to some people seeking opinions about an "Instant On" feature. Much like Splashtop, Instant On would apparently let users run certain programs without loading a full operating system. The survey asks users what kind of programs they would expect to use in an Instant On environment, ranging from chat applications to DVD players. My favorite option? "Full use of everything in Windows." Because that's clearly possible. Wait, no it's not.

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