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Google Labs introduces advanced IMAP controls for Gmail

Gmail IMAP

Gmail has been supporting IMAP for almost exactly a year now, and they're celebrating by fixing the only thing I don't like about it! One of the latest brilliant ideas to come out of Google Labs is an advanced IMAP controls option that lets you mark messages for deletion without actually deleting them, and send your deleted messages to the trash instead of archiving them, Most importantly, you can hide individual Gmail mailboxes from your IMAP mail client. That sounds like a picky thing, and not really a big deal, but it's actually huge for me.

You may have noticed that Gmail has a mailbox called All Mail, that does exactly what it says -- it keeps copies of all your mail. This is fine if you're using webmail; you don't have to look at it, but it's there when you need it. If you're using an IMAP client, though, those extra copies of every last message in your account get synced to your computer all the time. Why bother downloading an email message twice, especially if you've got an overflowing inbox?

The thing is, now you don't have to. Turn on the advanced settings by going to "settings" and then "Labs" in Gmail. Once you enable the option, go back to settings and go to labels. All it takes is one checkbox, and All Mail will leave your email client alone. Brilliant. Of course, there might be a good reason for wanting to sync All Mail ... I just haven't found it yet. So thanks, Google, for fixing one of my pet peeves!

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