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Jay's Favorite iPhone Apps: Shush

ShushI don't know how I ever lived without Shush. It's an algorithmic white noise generator you can keep in your pocket, and it shows how versatile the iPhone is. I first gave it a shot because it was written by one of my favorite developers, Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software, but I quickly found I needed white noise everywhere.

My neighbors were throwing a noisy party that kept me awake. I hit "start shushing," adjusted the volume slider, and drifted off. On an airplane, a baby started crying loudly. I hit "start shushing" and made him disappear. Not only is this useful, it gives you a satisfying sense of control over your own life.

With one button, you can sleep better and make all kinds of annoyances vanish, and nobody ever has to know your secret. As an added bonus, this is the smallest -- in terms of disk space -- white noise app out there. Because it uses an algorithm instead of a recording, it weighs in at around 100kb. That's worth way more than this app's 99 cent pricetag, and that's why Shush is one of my favorite iPhone apps.

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