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Nik's Favourite iPhone Apps: Twitterrific

Here at Download Squad, we know that a fair number of our readers are avid Twitter users [much like ourselves]. There's been no shortage of Twitter clients thanks to Twitter's readily-available API: and the AppStore is little different.

Twitterrific, if you're not already in the know, is the ubiquitous Mac OS X Twitter client (now at version 3 on the desktop) - and possibly one of the most anticipated applications in Twitter-circles when the iPhone SDK was earlier this year. Winner of a prestigious Apple Design Award back in June, Twitterrific remains my favourite of all the iPhone Twitter clients out there.

It's well thought out, with both left- and right-handed configurations of the interface and the also features a built-in browser, allowing you to follow tweeted links without leaving the application. As you'd expect, it's easy to post tweets to your account, view tweets from your contacts, and update your current location. All of this, along with a beautifully-attired interface as you'd expect from the Iconfactory, makes Twitterrific an excellent choice if you simply can't stop tweeting when on the go.

Twitterrific comes in free (ad-supported) and paid-for ($9.99) versions - with the paid-for version also featuring the option of a light-themed UI.

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