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Windows Embedded Theme Available for Xp, 2003

There are only a limited number of Windows themes available that don't require the uxtheme.dll patch, and most of them are getting a bit tired: Royale, Royale Noir, Zune.

Sizzled Core reports today that the Windows Embedded theme from the standard CTP refresh can be extracted and installed on Windows XP and 2003 systems.

As you can see from the start menu image at the right, it's shiny and blue. The download has been strangely packaged (as a rar inside a zip), so I've re-uploaded a straightforward zip file to RapidShare and RapidSpread.

Download it, unzip it, and place the .theme and embedded folder into your %systemroot%\resources\themes (usually c:\windows\resources\themes) folder, then double click on the embedded.theme file.

You'll be immersed in the glorious azure tones of the Windows Embedded theme.


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