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Todd's Favorite Mac Apps: 1Password

1PasswordSince practically every website requires some sort of user registration, I decided to purchase 1Password to manage all of my login credentials. 1Password is a Mac-only password manager that can also store secure notes, "wallet" information, and identity data.

Rather than use a single password for all of the websites I access, or try to create a convoluted password algorithm to have a list of unique passwords, I use 1Password to generate long, nearly impossible to guess passwords that are unique to each website. In the off chance that someone figures out one of my passwords, they will only have access to that one site instead of everything.

1Password can also auto-fill my login information or my registration information (common answers like name, address, etc.) to speed up my web browsing. It can sync all of my information to my iPhone (and accompanying free iPhone application), a Palm, or the service so that I can maintain my password security when browsing on my phone or without my laptop.

Combining 1Password with the free menubar application AllBookmarks (by the developers of 1Password) allows me to click a website name from my menubar and have 1Password log me in automatically. 1Password costs $39.95 for a single-user license or $59.95 for a "family license" for five users.

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