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Opera 9.6 released

Opera 9.6
After spending some time in the beta tank, the Opera browser team has released Opera 9.6. The latest version of the Opera web browser adds a few new features, not all of which are related to the web. For instance, Opera has a built in email client. Opera 9.6 has a new low bandwidth mode that prevents attachments from being automatically downloaded if you have an IMAP account. For POP users, just the first 100 lines of a message are available unless you click on the message.

Opera 9.6 also has a new RSS feed preview feature that lets you see the contents of an RSS freed before you subscribe. In fact, the newspaper-style layout of the feed preview is so nifty that you might find yourself bookmarking RSS feeds to read in your web browser instead of the original web pages.

There are also a bunch of bug fixes and stability and performance improvements. Users can also synchronize their custom searches and typed history with Opera Link.

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