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Cubicle Flood Screen Saver

Cubicle Flood Screen SaverOkay, I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for a fancy new screen saver. And if it's something that is totally unique, so much the better. Cubicle Flood certainly meets that criteria. In the Cubicle Flood screen saver, you get to see various views of what appears to be an empty office space through the office's security cameras. Over the course of eight or so hours the office starts to flood, until the whole thing is completely submerged.

I have to admit, sometimes when you're drowning under various pressures at work, having a screen saver that is a metaphor for your current condition can be somewhat comforting, in a perverse way. And boy does it bring out interesting reactions from your co-workers!

While you're visiting Idle Time Software to download Cubicle Flood (available for both Windows and Mac computers), don't forget to check out the Holding Pattern screen saver, which shows you a view out the window of an air liner.

Cubicle Flood is currently in beta, while Holding Pattern comes in First Class ($17.50, comes with 57 aerial views), or Coach (free, comes with 17 views) versions.

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