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Tetris is built into your Mac - Time Waster

Tetris in TerminalIf you're a Mac user, did you know that Tetris comes with your Mac? Have a look through your Applications folder - you won't find it there. Thanks to Cory over at TUAW, I now know that Tetris is an Easter Egg that can be found in the Terminal application.

Here are the steps to get the game going:
  1. Open Terminal, which you can find in the Utilities sub-folder in your Applications folder
  2. In the Terminal window, type "emacs", then press Enter
  3. Wait for the Emacs screen to load (you'll see a bunch of welcome information for GNU Emacs)
  4. Press the Escape key, then type "x" then type "tetrix" (no space between "x" and "tetris") and press Enter
If you've followed the instructions exactly, you should now be looking at a working game of Tetris. Controlling the blocks is done with your arrow keys.

Yes, this game of tetris isn't the best implementation you will find. It's very narrow, making it quite frustrating to play. But hey - it's free Tetris, and it's built in to your Mac!

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