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Simple text spreadsheets with Listē

Need to put together a quick list or data table, but can't be bothered with the bloat of a full spreadsheet application?

List² is a minimalist (32kb) application that can do just that. Its uncomplicated interface allows you to quickly assign names to columns and start entering your data.

What can List² do with such a small footprint? Import and export tabbed data files, import CSV, export to HTML, and perform simple search and replace operations. Columns and rows can be moved around and inserted with ease, and List² even supports column sorting.

Though the .zip download contains a .reg file, I was able to extract only the executable itself and run it on my MSI Wind with no trouble at all. With it on my flash drive I've got a tiny, incredibly simple way to maintain lists on the go - regardless of who's computer I'm using.

I've been using Excel for jobs like this for ages, which just doesn't make any sense. List² is much lighter, and does everything I need it to do. It's freeware, Windows only.

Tags: csv, data, freeware, lists, spreadsheet