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Figure out how much gas money you need with Cost To Drive

Cost To Drive
Planning a road trip in the near future? Cost To Drive is a web application that can help you figure out how much cash to take out of the ATM before you hit the road. Sure, you could certainly get a rough estimate by dividing the number of miles you have to drive by your car's average mileage and then multiplying that figure by the average price of gas. But where's the fun in that?

Cost To Drive lets you select from a long list of automobile makes and models dating back to 1999. Just select your car from the list, plug in the locations for the start and end of your trip, and the web site will spit out an estimate of how much gas money you'll burn through. The figure is obtained by looking at the mpg for your car and the average price of gas in various spots along your route.

[via TechnoSpot]

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