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Microsoft to launch "Windows Cloud" operating system soon

CloudsMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the company will unveil a new operating system called "Windows Cloud" within a month. Now before you go jumping to conclusions, no Windows Cloud will not be replace Windows 7, it will not necessarily let you store all of your data in the online "cloud," and it probably isn't really even designed for you anyway. Oh yeah, it probably won't be called Windows Cloud by the time it launches.

So what is Windows Cloud? It's an operating system designed for developers who want to write applications for cloud-computing. In other words, web applications like Gmail, Hotmail, Zoho Office, or Windows Live Maps. It could lead to a growth in the number of web-based applications available. But without knowing more about the software or even how it's supposed to work, it's tough to make any real predictions.

Microsoft will unveil more details about the Cloud OS at the company's Professional Developers Conference in LA later this month.

[via Slashdot]

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