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Apple drops iPhone NDA for released software

If your Twitter feed just exploded with glee, it's because at long last, Apple has finally lifted the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) on released iPhone software!

Apple has had an NDA in-place since the iPhone SDK was launched in March, ostensibly to protect the intellectual property behind the iPhone's interface from being ripped off my competitors. However, after the iPhone 2.0 firmware was released and the App Store opened, the NDA still remained in effect.

We've covered these issues at lenght at TUAW, but the bottom line is, because of the NDA, software developers cannot even openly communicate with one another about software or the SDK in general. This means censoring on Apple developer mailing lists and almost no public discussion about programming for the iPhone. It's a mess for current developers and it is certainly a mess for would-be developers.

Thankfully, Apple has decided to lift the restrictions on released software. While this still means that developers are bound by the NDA not to discuss or release details of their apps before it is released, this now means that developers can share experiences and what they have learned building currently available applications.

After Google launched the Android SDK 1.0 last week, I really wanted to write up a discussion between developers of what the experience is like developing for both platforms. The NDA prevented me from even seriously considering this. Now that the NDA is lifted, I hope to have something up later in the month.

[via TUAW]

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