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Microsoft begins rolling out Hotmail redesign

It's been a while since Microsoft's free Hotmail email service received a major overhaul. Last year, Microsoft increased users' email storage space from 2GB to 5GB. But now the company is also starting to roll out a new site design.

The update brings faster page load times for anyone using the "full version" of Hotmail, while "classic version" users now get access to drag & drop and other features that were previously only available to full users. Microsoft has also improved the contact list. You'll see profile pictures for email contacts if your contacts have uploaded pictures for their Windows Live Messenger profiles. You can also see recently sent messages from your contacts when viewing their profiles

The new Hotmail also has a new auto-complete feature for email addresses and a contact picker that helps detect misspelled addresses.

The new version of Hotmail is not yet available for all users. And some users who have received the updated are less than thrilled with it. It's not clear if the new version is actually more difficult to use, or if some of the people who now have access to it haven't yet figured out where all the buttons are.

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