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Defragment multiple drives simultaneously with Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag
Smart Defrag is a free disk defragmenting utility from IOBit. There are a few things that set this program apart from other defragmenting tools like Defraggler, JkDefrag and UltimateDefrag.

First, Smart Defrag can defragment several hard drives or partitions at once. In my tests, it did a complete scan of a 20GB partition and a 70GB partition in a matter of seconds. Smart Defrag can then either defragment the disks in question, or defragment and optimize the disks by arranging data for the best possible performance.

Smart Defrag also includes a handy scheduling utility which allows you to schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or one time disk defragmenting jobs. You can also have the application run when you first boot your system, when your computer is idle, or at regularly scheduled intervals (like every two weeks). If you're the sort of person who keeps putting off the task of defragmenting your hard drive, this feature could really come in handy.


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