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Run Linux LiveCDs in Windows with MobaLiveCD

Want to try out a Linux distro but don't feel like switching from Windows, rebooting your computer, or installing a virtualization application like VirtualBox? MobaLiveCD is a Windows utility that lets you run any LiveCD in Windows without installing a thing. Just download and run MobaLiveCD.exe (which is a 1.4MB file), and select the ISO you want to run. Thanks to the magic of QEMU, you'll be able to run the Linux distro as a LiveCD in a window on your desktop. no reboot required.

Now, don't expect spectacular performance here. You're essentially running an operating system inside of another operating system, so things might be on the slow side. And it won't necessarily work with every host machine or every LiveCD. But at 1.4MB and with no installation needed, why not give it a try?

MobaLiveCD can also be installed to your hard drive, allowing you to launch LiveCDs via a right-click context menu. And you can create virtual hard drives to save data from your LiveCD sessions.

[via Lifehacker]

Tags: freeware, livecd, mobalivecd, qemu, virtualization