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Google Chrome: Nearly 2 million US downloads in first week

Google Chrome aboutMore than 1.9 million people visited the "thank you" page that pops up after you've downloaded and installed the Google Chrome web browser between September 1st and 7th, according to Nielsen. If that number doesn't sound impressive, let's put it another way: Almost 1.4% of everyone in the United States who went online at all during that week saw the thank you page. Not bad for a brand new web browser.

Of course, installing isn't necessarily the same as using. I'm fairly certain that a hefty number of people who installed Google Chrome were doing so just to check it out. Many probably played around with it for a few minutes and then ditched it to go back to Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or whatever it is they used.

In other Chrome news, Google seems to have issued an update to the browser today. If you click the "about" button in the browser, a message will pop up telling you that an update is available. I have yet to find a changelog showing what's new in version I'm guessing mostly bug fixes.

[via CNET]

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