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Oosah offers 1TB of free online media storage

It's not hard to find an online service that lets you upload a few hundred megabytes of pictures, music, and movie clips. Some even give you 5 or 50GB. But Oosah is a service that's upping the game. By a lot. Oosah claims that users get 1TB of online storage for free.

There are some limitations. You can only upload videos that are 200MB or smaller, images that are 50MB or less, and MP3 files that are 9MB or less. And you can't upload executable files, office documents, or other files. Just movies, music, and pictures. But Oosah does accept most common media file types. There's also an option to upload media directly from your camera or capture device without copying it to your computer first.

Besides offering an incredible amount of storage space, there are a few other things that set Oosah apart. One of the coolest features is integration with YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Picasa. You can associate Oosah with your other social network/media accounts and manage your media libraries from a central location. Oosah has an incredibly simple file manager that lets you easily drag and drop files from Flickr to Oosah, from Oosah to Facebook, and so on.

Does the service really provide a whole 1TB of storage to every user? Honestly, I can't say. It would take me forever to upload that much data. But if the promise of a huge amount of free storage is a publicity stunt to get people to try to use the service, it worked. And I have to say, I'm impressed.

Right now all Oosah accounts are free. The company says it may eventually create a premium service that offers paying customers even more storage.

One word of warning. When I signed up I had to check a box that said I agreed to Oosah's privacy policy. But there was no clear link to said policy. A quick Google search turned up a list of terms and conditions which also makes mention of a separate privacy policy. But it's nowhere to be found.

[via shankri-la]

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