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Microsoft + Seinfeld = Yadda, yadda, yadda

Microsoft ad
After putting out two or three (depending on how you count them) ads that left a lot of people scratching their heads, Microsoft is apparently pulling the plug on its ad campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld. ValleyWag reports that Microsoft will launch phase two of its new advertising strategy tomorrow, and the new campaign will be Seinfeld-free.

Whether you liked the Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld show about nothing or not, it certainly generated a lot of buzz about the company. Not about Windows Vista, Office 2007, or any particular product. But certainly about Microsoft. So perhaps Microsoft really is following through with a carefully crafted plan to build buzz and then roll out a new phase of the ad campaign. But I'm certainly not the only one to note that it looks like Microsoft is firing Seinfeld for a job poorly done.

Were the Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld ads effective?
Hells yeah, I was ROTFLMAOBBQ631 (36.2%)
Were they supposed to be funny?343 (19.7%)
What were they about again?417 (23.9%)
They weren't funny, but they help get people talking about Microsoft353 (20.2%)

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