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What's your Hue IQ?

Hugh IQ

Ever wondered how accurately your eyes can see the subtleties of color? Find out by taking this quick test. Drag and drop colored squares in each of four rows according their hue, then submit the results for calculation. The lower your score, the better your eyes discern color.

The test indicates which hues you see best and also lets you compare your results with others in your gender and age range. I wasn't too thrilled when I got a 61 until I found out someone scored over 1,000. Wow.

For most people, this is just a fun little time-waster (or a way for you super-competitive types to beat up on your pals -- "Dude, I see olive-green better than you!"). For anyone in Web or graphic design, however, it might be an interesting little test to see how your eyes measure up.

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