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VLC 0.9.2 released: New interface, better codec support

VLC 0.9.2
The developers behind the popular open source VLC media player have released VLC 0.9.2. The update brings a new user interface for Mac, Linux, and Windows versions of the player. One feature I'm extremely happy to see are playback controls that show up when watching a video in full screen mode.

There are also new, simplified settings menus, and new filters. VLC 0.9.2 adds to the already long list of video formats supported. While VLC 0.8.6 could play FLV files, I find that the new version does a much better job. For example, I downloaded a YouTube video as an FLV and tried to play it in each version. VLC 0.8.6 opened and played the video, but when I tried to skip ahead, it closed the video file. VLC 0.9.2 had no problem starting the same file from any point in the timeline.

VLC 0.9.2 also supports playback of YouTube, Google Video , and Daily Motion videos by entering their URLs. As previously reported, the media player also now works with

The VLC wiki is being hammered at the moment, but you should be able to find a list of some other other features in the latest release at the What is cool in 0.9 page. And you can check out a video of VLC 0.9.2 in action after the break.

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