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Filsh.Net Converts Web Video For Playback Anywhere

Plenty of good software exists for capturing audio or video from YouTube and other such sites, but I'm always on the look for portable apps or web services that offer the same features. offers an extremely easy-to-use way to convert clips before downloading. It's so easy, in fact, that I barely noticed the German interface whilst creating a Nintendo-DS compatible version of some kid setting his pants on fire. Nice!

Drop in your target URL and select your desired format from options including AVI, MPG, MP4, DPG (the DS format), 3GP, OGG, or MP3 and Filsh goes to work. Multiple sites are supported, including YouTube, Google Video, Break, MyspaceTV, and Veoh. I was unable to grab from Vimeo, but Filsh does support uploading - so I could save a clip first and then send it back up to Filsh for conversion.

Conversions are fairly fast, and I didn't notice any quality problems. Videos remained clear, and audio extracted from clips to MP3 sounded just as good as the original.

Filsh works well, and though it doesn't handle the variety of conversions that Zamzar does it's still a useful site to keep in your bookmarks.

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