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Combine media files with MediaJoin

MediaJoin is a free Windows utility that joins media files. You probably could have figured that out from its name. But let's get a bit more specific, shall we? The program lets you select a group of audio or video files, put them in order, and then spit them out as one long media file.

For example, say you've got a bunch of MP3s representing a live concert and you'd rather have just one long file that will play the whole concert from start to end. Just select the MP3s, select your output format, and MediaJoin will do the rest.

The utility even lets you mix and match file types. So you can combine WAV, MP3, and WMA files and output the results as a single file. One thing to keep in mind is that MediaJoin appears to perform some recompression. So if you're starting with a compressed media format like MP3 you might notice some quality loss in the finished product unless you choose uncompressed WAV as your output format.

[via Life Rocks 2.0]

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