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Sysinternals Tools Now Available as a Single Download

The MS Sysinternals crew has created a number of really useful tools, like the previously mentioned Desktops, TCPView, and Process Explorer. In May, Microsoft put all the downloads together in one place, at

Fresh off the three-day weekend, they decided to simplify the download process even further by creating a single 8mb file containing their popular troubleshooting utilities.

No, the file doesn't contain the oh-so-fun BSOD screensaver (coming soon to your friend's trojan-infested Windows PC), but it does pack an incredible number of useful tools. Here's a sampling of what's in the file:

  • AdExplorer: allows viewing, editing, and backup of Active Directory databases
  • BGInfo: embeds info system like IP, CPU, ram, disk space on the desktop
  • Contig: single-file defragmenter
  • PageDefrag: defragments pagining, event log, hibernation, and registry files
  • RegMon: monitors the Windows registry for changes
  • RootkitRevealer: helps locate kernel and user-mode rootkits
  • Sync: Unix-style tool to flush system data to disk
Tons of other apps are included, and it's well worth any admin's time to take a few moments to download.

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